Posted by: Rumah Sains ilma | April 6, 2010

The amazing journey of the green turtles of Brazil

The warm sandy beaches of Brazil is the home of the green turtles. When the time comes to lay their eggs, the female turtles accompanied by their faithful males, swim nearly 2,250 kilometres to the tiny Ascension islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. When they reach this tiny island, the male turtles remain in water.
The female turtles go ashore, lay their eggs and bury them in sand. This done, the female turtles then hurry back into water and start their return journey to their homes in Brazil. The eggs hatch in due course and the infant turtles swim to the unknown beaches of Brazil!

Questions Questions Questions
This journey of the green turtle raises many questions. There are miles of warm beaches in Brazil. Yet, the green turtles go to the cold isolated small beaches of Ascension Islands. Why?
How do they find this tiny island? How can they navigate to the exact place while swimming in the dark?
How do the newborn turtles find their way to the Brazilian shore that they have never seen? This mystery is part of the amazing diversity of life on earth. Such mysteries have a biological basis.

source : LEARNING SCIENCE Part 4 – Biology and Life, by Indumati Rao and C. N. R. Rao

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